I am writing this blog post reflecting over the last few days. My family took my three kids camping last week to give my hubby and I a lovely rest. This was a massive gift to us as a couple and we had been looking forward to it for weeks, planning our time and a couple of treats.

What happened when we were on our own could be described as a ‘catalogue of disasters’, I wont go into full detail but it was bad. Included being bitten in the sea, a meal out probably costing over £1000 due to a broken clutch on the car and four hours waiting to be rescued. I am sure you have all had days or weeks like this, we have all been there!

Here we are smiling (despite the car situation) after our lovely meal out.

Despite the disasters, we did have time to connect and rest. One day I even went back to bed for a mid-morning nap! I am sooo grateful for these moments.

Do you know gratitude re-wires your brain?! It is so powerful for your health both emotionally and physically and yet SO SIMPLE!

Every day I do a “what are you thankful for in your day?” time with my kids, we weave it into the bedtime routine. I am trying to teach them young :).

I have been practising gratitude for many years, and when things happen as did last week, I search for the positives. I do this as a Christian, in prayer every day, but more recently I have begun to write 3 things each day which I have found amazingly helpful.

Here is the journal I use.

Just to clarify, I am not suggesting ‘positive mental attitude’ makes things better, but instead encouraging you to start a gratitude practice in your life. With gratitude as a daily habit, when things don’t go to plan, it will serve you with more peace and less angst.

Let me know how you get on,

Jen xxx

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  1. This is just so lovely Jen!

    Thank you ?

    Got so much going on right now I needed to see this this morning let you know how I get on xx

    Thank u for sharing xx

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