I am asked a lot “How do you do it all?” The answer … I don’t!

So I get asked this question a lot: “How do you do it all?”.

I thought I would blog so you get a fuller answer to the question than ‘I don’t’!

It is true that I have a lot to juggle:

-I am a wife and my lovely hubby is chronically ill so a lot of things land on my shoulders.

-We have three lovely, ‘spirited’ kids.

-We lead a church.

-I am a nurse working in the NHS.

-I have a business sharing essential oils to help women transform health in their homes for the better.

So what are my secrets?!

I have a lot of help!

Our families are super supportive with childcare and even cooking meals for us, especially on days where I am working.

We have a cleaner. I rarely clean anything in my house (!). This was originally given to us as a gift from some lovely friends when my hubby was first sick, but we have kept it up and it is one of the best investments in my mental and emotional wellbeing I make. We are so thankful for this help and I have made new friends in the process!

Can I afford it? I do without many things to make sure that the answer is yes! I think we can make sacrifices for the things that really matter 🙂

I use supplements to boost my energy, support my body and help my sleep.

And my oils for to support me physically and emotionally every day. All the oils! I diffuse oils to help all the emotions and I apply oils to myself to support me through the day, both at home and on my busy work shifts. They make such a difference.

Am I ever tired? YES!!!

I am not here to ever pretend that life is a breeze!

On tired days I am kind to myself, indulge in some netflix episodes and even have a nap on the sofa (I am an expert at napping!).

I do things that I love, that fill me up emotionally. Some of these things are running, walking the pup, a long shower and taking big deep breaths. Simple pleasures. I try and be so thankful for each one.

I pray. Oh how I pray. I am so grateful to know Jesus is with me through it all. I am not alone.

And friends, I am so grateful for friends, even when I can’t see them in person. For an extrovert like me those phone calls, doorstep drop offs, dog walks and voice notes are the highlights of my day. Being able to say ‘it’s hard’ and instead of getting solutions, getting the response ‘You’re doing great, and I am here walking with you’.

These friends are precious and lighten my load 🙂

I hope that sharing these thoughts also helps you as you juggle all the things,

Much love,



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