Did you know that the 12th May is M.E. awareness day?

Five years ago I was ‘aware’ of M.E.. I had friends who were affected, and I was so sad for them… then M.E. came to our house.

Five years ago my husband got a virus and long story short he didn’t get better. 15 months after he was first sick he crashed. Big time…and our lives changed forever.

I went from being ‘aware’ to being AWARE- in every fibre of my being, with every waking breath and through many sleepless nights.

The diagnosis and the lack of NHS support catapulted me into doing my own research. I could not accept that ‘good luck’ was an acceptable outcome or plan. I wanted more. We were determined to do whatever it took, we believed for better health, even healing.

So we embarked on a journey. The short story is that is has been more tough than I could ever imagine: lonely, exhausting, and relentless. But the good days began to outweigh the bad and improvements came. Ben has from being bed bound to bing able to be involved back in family life, and enjoying activity without the threat of it putting him back in bed.

I wondered if you read my blog today, then what would I like you to be more aware of?

I think the answer is to be aware that no one choses this diagnosis. It is more devastating than you can imagine and recovery takes more dedication that you thought possible.

One last thing: I would love you to start asking “Is today a good day?” rather than the dreaded open ended “How are you?” if anyone in your life suffers from M.E..

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