A year ago, my teeth were sore. I would press my lips to my front teeth all the time as they were so sensitive. And the stains. Drinking tea several times a day for 18 years showed, and I was starting to get self-conscious, as well as googling what products to buy to sort the stains…(am i the only one to have done this?!). My teeth were so sore in the end that I went back to the dentist early. He gave them a good clean, said there was plaque build-up and to use the most sensitive toothpaste. Having previously bought my toothpaste from the pound shop this was a shock to the system, so off I went, bought the expensive toothpaste, but despite doing all I had been advised, nothing really improved.

So, what happened just over a year ago? Doterra did an offer which meant when you purchased an order over a certain value, you received some on guard products for free. I did the order. On guard toothpaste came through my door and I gave it a go.

For those of you who don’t know ‘on guard’ is a blend of essential oils which contains: wild orange, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove and cinnamon. It has been put together for the collective benefits of these oils against bacteria, viruses to promote health. Doterra then branched out and there is a whole on guard range making it easy for your family to benefit from this combination of oils, and that’s where the toothpaste comes in. The toothpaste has in it these precious oils, with the addition of peppermint (breath freshening), wintergreen, and myrrh (soothing to mouth gums and throat). This combination of oils alongside wholesome non-toxic ingredients, promote healthy mouth and gums as well as naturally whitening your teeth.

Sometimes when I talk about essential oils, I can forget this humble toothpaste, but the fact that my mouth is not sore every day is such a blessing to me. Im so much more confident. My teeth have never looked better and I am so grateful. Stains gone, ones that I thought I’s maybe have to live with forever. We use this toothpaste now as a whole family and our kids have really healthy teeth. I am so pleased to be using something natural on their teeth and hope that they won’t go through what I did. 

Yesterday I went to the dentist, he commented on how strong and healthy my teeth were and asked me what I was using. He had never heard of on guard tooth paste but of course I told him all about it. The receptionist asked me when I was paying what I use on my teeth as they are so white. I am so pleased and I am so grateful that I have been able to achieve these results without the use of harmful chemicals which may have negatively affected my mouth/teeth over time.

I am now so much more confident in my smile

So, the humble toothpaste is a power house, if you get the chance to try it then give it a go. Ben also loves the on guard mouthwash (pictured).

For more information or to try a sample, send me a message.

Jen xxx

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